Halloween Writing Contest – Take 2

Susanna Leonard Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest, a writing contest with kids as the target audience and Halloween as the theme, is still going on. Ideas are flowing and entries are unlimited so I am taking another stab at a story! You can find my first entry here.

The rules for this contest limit the word count to 100 and three special Halloween words: monster, candy corn, and shadow must be used in some form (candy corn counts as only one word). The full rules can be found on the contest page above.

I can think of a few fun illustrations for this story so I had to add one. Happy Halloreading!

Her Own Costume

Briana Joy McCormick

(100 words)


Mom let Molly make her own costume this year,

But goblins and skeletons are too spooky, I fear.

Needing to choose something better than that,

She picked scraggly hair and pointy hat.

Long fingernails, shoes curled,

Wooden broom, biggest wart in the world.

After ringing doorbells for most of the night,

Molly couldn’t breathe through her nose right.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt,

Something was up there and had to come out.

Doctor removed with a monstrous tweezer,

A candy corn painted fingernail from her sneezer.

Interesting Halloween for this little witch.

That happens when your nose gets an itch!



18 thoughts on “Halloween Writing Contest – Take 2

  1. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Hahaha, Briana-Joy! You made me laugh! Clever and creative, fun use of language, and as a mom who had my one-year-old get a pretzel stuck up her nose on her first birthday, I can totally relate! 🙂 Thanks so much for another fun entry!


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